Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero is one of the more simple faucets.

  • Claim Rate: Every 10 minutes
  • Claims per time period: 3
  • Referral commission: 25%
  • Withdrawal min: 20,000 Satoshi
  • Inactive account forfeit?: Yes for accounts with no activity for 30 days.
Lifetime Faucet Data


Faucet review:

I claim mostly on mobile, and I really struggle to get Satoshi Hero to load correctly. I suspect it has more to do with my aging phone with slow 3G than their service. If I could get it to work, I really like the chance to win between 1 and the max (determined by the price of BTC). The max price is very closely correlated to the average claim for Bonus After solving a reCAPTCHA, it reloads the ads again and then you can claim.

I think it  has one of the best combinations between refresh period and potential claim amount. When I am working on my desktop, I try to keep i loaded and claim as often as possible.

Surprisingly, there are no other ways to earn BTC, no offers, no Dice or Hi/LO. Its simplicity also is both is pro and its con. It will take a while to earn .00020000 BTC to test the withdrawal.