Bonus Bit Coin

Bonus Bit Coin

Bonus Bit Coin works like many of the other Bitcoin faucets with additional ways to earns.

  • Claim Rate: Every 15 minutes
  • Choose to take a random amount up to 5000 satoshi, or the average amount.
  • 5% Daily Bonus automatically paid
  • Offers to earn additional BTC
  • Referral commission: 50%
Lifetime Faucet Data


Faucet review:

I like the Bonus Bit Coin faucet, simple straight forward with easy to use reCAPTCHA to claim your BTC. It has the highest earning rate right away, and can be claimed often. The only downside if left for hours its balance does not continue to build. It is a faucet that rewards you for frequency.

Daily Bonus:  If you make at least 1 faucet claim during the previous day,  a bonus of 5% of the total of all faucet claims and referral commissions earned over the previous 72 hours will be deposited to your Coinpot account automatically.

Offers REview:

Bonus Bit Coin offers a few different ways to earn additional BTC paid to your Coinpot account.

  • Super Rewards: Mostly Surveys and Signups Required
  • Wannads: Has a mix of offers, some very large rewards but require signing up for services.
  • Offer Toro: My Personal favorite. I use mainly the Video Lab and one click sections of Offer Toro to build BTC.
  • Offer Daddy: Similar to Wannads, has a mix of offers, some larger rewards requiring singing up for services or sharing emails or downloading apps.