BitFun.Co works like many of the other Bitcoin faucets with additional ways to earns.

  • Claim Rate: Every 3 minutes
  • Offers to earn additional BTC
  • Dice – currently not working
  • Referral Commission: 50%
Lifetime Faucet Data


Faucet review:

I like BitFun.Co facuet, simple straight forward with easy to use reCAPTCHA to claim your BTC. It has a decent earning rate, but not as high as others like Bonus Bit Coin and MoonBitCoin.

Offers REview:

BitFun.Co offers a few different ways to earn additional BTC paid to your Coinpot account.

  • Super Rewards: Mostly Surveys and Signups Required
  • Wannads: Has a mix of offers, some very large rewards but require signing up for services.
  • Offer Toro: My Personal favorite. I use mainly the Video Lab and one click sections of Offer Toro to build BTC.