First Month of Cypto Faucet Claims

One of the reasons I started this was because I wanted to fight the feeling that it was too late. If only I had started a few months, or years prior I could be rich off the faucet claims alone! I wanted to investigate  if claiming from Cypto Faucets could still be worth it, even after the tremendous run up in 2017.  I started with a few faucets I found referenced in a few YouTube videos I watched and grew from there. Below I will summarize my experience from November 8th 2017 until November 30th 2017. Through November I had ZERO referrals across all faucets, so the amounts below are only from my efforts. The links below are referrals links, and I will track referral claims to report if I get any.

I started with Bonus Bit Coin and (although I may have started Freebitco.ina little earlier but I didn’t track it. Bonus Bit Coin uses CoinPot as a Micro Wallet to collect the small claims until your balance is large enough to send to your wallet address.

While in Coinpot early on I noticed there were other faucets that paid into their ecosystem, so I decided to utilize those faucets as well. They now have wallets for BitCoin(BTC), Dash(DASH), Litecoin(LTC), BitCoin Cash(BCH), and Dogecoin. I grew into claiming faucets from MoonBitCoin, MoonDash, MoonLiteCoin, MoonDogeCoin, Bonus Bit Coin, BitFun.

Currency Faucet Total Payouts Total Currency Avg Claim
BTC Bit FunFaucet 238 .0010082 .00000042
BTC Bonus BitcoinDaily 396 .0020357 .00000051
BTC MoonBitCoin 189 .00007111 .00000038
BTC xxx .00013000 xxx
BCH CoinPot Mining 1 .00000014 .00000014
Dash CoinPot Mining 169 .00127128 .00000942
Dash Moon Dash 105 .00052925 .00000504
Doge Moon Dogecoin 150 254.96 1.69973333
LTC MoonLitecoin 168 .00561442 .00003342

As you can see, each faucet is slightly different for claim size and frequency. I will break down each faucet for claims/offers/bonus etc. does not have supporting claim data due to the massive amount of Hi/LO played trying to build my balance.

The graph below tries to remove the price volatility from my faucet claims results by using a static prices based on the price of the first day I started to claim from that faucet.


For 23 days of claims, the total value of the portfolio is $6.58. Not bad for under a month. Even if the price of the cryptos was flat it would have had a value of $4.66. This is well worth continuing the experiment for another month.




November Savings Programs Update

For the month of November,  all active savings programs earned a total of $78.69.

The biggest area was savings via Script Gift Cards. This was a combination of normal spending, and increased spending on Christmas gifts.